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A true local partner helping companies with their digital transformation.

The Olonā Consultancy Shop provides high quality, cost effective Salesforce solutions with a workforce that is 100% local, or with local roots to Hawaiʻi.

Story of Olonā

The Olonā plant was the only cultivated non-edible crop, prized for itʻs strong and durable fibers.  A quick growing plant, Native Hawaiians farmed this highly used and valuable resource and utilized itʻs benefits throughout their civilization.

Greatly respected by the sea-faring nations for itʻs time, Olonā rope was known globally for itʻs salt water resistance, strength and durability.

On land, Native Hawaiians used Olonā fiber in numerous applications including Aliʻi capes, lashings for building structures, and constructing cooking and eating implements.

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The Olonā Team

Victor Lee

Victor Lee

Program Director

Corina Price

Certified Scrum Master + Salesforce Administrator
Su Lazo

Su Lazo

Director of Career Development