Purple Maiʻa

Purple Prize 2024

Designing for people and ʻāina. Informed by people and ʻāina.

The Purple Prize 2024 is a Design Challenge and “Kokua Connector” with the goal of generating waiwai (collective wellbeing) for people and place through solutions built by those rooted in Hawaiʻi nei and experienced with place-based design for Hawaiʻi nei. 

This challenge brings together graduates of the Ka Maka ʻĪnana curriculum to ideate, iterate, and design community-focused solutions for people and ‘āina.



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Why you should join

  • You’re a Ka Maka ʻĪnana graduate
  • You’re seeking real-world experience and opportunities to utilize the frameworks you’ve learned during the KMI curriculum
  • To strengthen your pilina with a hui of change-makers passionate for designing our future
  • To build pilina with the very communities you hope to engage with and design solutions for

Program Schedule

Month 1

Creation Context: Pilina Building & Impact Measuring

As outlined in our Ka Maka ʻĪnana curriculum: to build in community, it’s essential to understand that community’s history and culture. Some of that understanding is gained through research; some can only be gained through pilina. Participants will workshop their ideas through the building of pilina and understanding how to map the “impact” of their solutions through a Hawaiian lens.

Month 2

Design Refresher: Circular Ideating & Project Prototyping

Through place-based frameworks and equitable design methods introduced during Ka Maka ʻĪnana, participants will workshop their ideas through a synergistic mapping of people and place. Modeling the interconnectedness inherent in Hawaiian wisdom and circular design, this month teams will seek out interdependent relationships with other teams to support collective success and the broader ecosystem of designers in this space.

Month 3

Iʻini & Identity: Telling the Story of People & ʻĀina through your Hana

At the heart of Month 3 lies the concept of iʻini—the deep-seated desire and intention to effect positive change through each team’s solutions. This stage is dedicated to weaving the stories of people and place into the story of each team’s projects in a way that resonates authentically with stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Month 4

Pitch Prep Week

Teams will have one last chance to check in with their mentors as well as attend a pitch prep & feedback session to prepare for the upcoming Hōʻike.

Hōʻike - Fall 2024

At the end of this journey, participants will present their solutions to community in order to qualify for Purple Prize Funding.

Participant Expectations

  • Purple Prize participants should make sure they have the time and capacity to join one (1) in-person curriculum session, one (1) online curriculum session, one (1) in-person co-working session, and one (1) online mentor checkin each month during the program.
  • Participants should have access to a computer and stable internet connection for online meetings.
  • Participants are expected to have attended at least 75% of the Ka Maka ‘Īnana design curriculum.
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Apply to Join!

Applications open until July 2024