Emerging Tech Web3 startup weekend hawaii

How to Get Into Emerging Tech (Web3, AR/VR, AI, Robotics, Blockchain)

In support of the upcoming Techstars Startup Weekend Hawaiʻi (Nov 4-6), weʻre excited to present a pau hana workshop to activate our community. Letʻs hui up over some adult beverages (non-alcoholic hiki nō) and explore the fun side of emerging tech! Mahalo to Liya Safina for leading this workshop.

Every few years the tech landscape gets a new influx of new emerging tech to solve and better enhance consumer lives. And so at least at some point in your career, whether you’re a CEO, executive, coder, designer or investor, you often feel like your missing out. Sometimes that feeling is driven by frustration because every emerging tech field requires a lot of time and skill to get familiar with! This talk will cover exactly that — how you can maximize your time and take control of learning in small and tangible ways within the disruptive technologies, including Web3, NFTs , AI, AR/VR, and blockchain spaces.

This is a beginner friendly event. Weʻll provide light food / beverages.

Specific topics covered:

  • Getting started with AR via Meta’s Spark AR
  • AI experiments with DALL-E and Copy.AI
  • Intro to Web3 and Tokens / Blockchain 101
  • 3D Photogrammetry with Drones
  • IoT: Programming LED Light Panels and Motion Tracking

FoundHer presents techstars_Startup Weekend Hawaiʻi

Calling all founders, entrepreneurs, creatives, technologists with an idea on how to better our communities in Hawaiʻi.

Transform a rough idea to maturity in just 54 hours! A 3-day weekend for entrepreneurs to pitch an idea (or join an idea that you are passionate about), find like-minded people, grow your network & learn new skills. Weʻll have workshops by experts in their field and mentors to keep help guide you and speed up progress. On the last day, pitch your startup concept to a panel & the public to get feedback – and maybe give life to your new startup!

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs with an idea stage venture
  • While FoundHer is the presenter, this isnʻt open to only women! We welcome all genders who are excited to support women and their ideas
  • You have an idea for a startup, want to get started but donʻt know how yet.
  • Both technical and non-technical – whether youʻre a developer, front-end designer, UX/UI or creative in graphics, copywriting, or community organizer. We need you!
  • This is a safe space to demo your idea


Whatʻs the agenda?


  • Dinner and networking
  • 60 seconds to pitch
  • Choose your project
  • Build a team, meet & work!


  • Work day
  • Team check-ins
  • Mentorship
  • Dinner


  • Final presentations + winner announcements
  • Hūlō! Celebrate!