Purple Maiʻa

He maiʻa ke kanaka a ka lā e hua ai

Pukuʻi #779
A person is a like a banana tree on the day it bears fruit. One can tell what kind of a person is by her deeds

Our Mission

On a mission to educate and empower culturally engaged, community-oriented, technology makers and problem solvers.

Our Vision

A world-class Hawaiian institution that sets the standard for excellence in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the service of land and people.

What does it mean to be Purple?

Purple is among the rarest colors in nature, reminding us to seek out the “purple-ness” in our haumāna–the things that make each student rare and unique.

Maiʻa means banana ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. It references the purple flower of the banana tree.

Maiʻa Stamps

We use a digital print of the maiʻa plant to bring ʻāina into a digital realm. We do not mean to replace the physical world, but use it as a reminder to remain anchored as we move through the currents of life.