Future Ancestors

Summer Innovation Exploration

Calling All Young Entrepreneurs!

Join us for a 4 week Summer Learning Experience that will empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai (Value and Richness). This experience lays the foundation for future explorations into Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Indigenous Innovation

  • Explore the special places of your community
  • Meet amazing mentors who are creating waiwai
  • Engage in creative entreprenural experiences
  • Have FUN!!!

Who: Middle School students
When: June 7 – 30 (Tues thru Thurs)
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm (may be longer on huaka’i days)
Where: Dreamhouse Ewa Beach Charter School

Social Entrepreneurism

Know your piko (hoʻomau), find your passion (hoʻomoʻo), and live your purpose (poʻokela). This program builds Future Ancestors by focusing on inspiring, empowering, and activating students to master traditional practices and contemporary technologies to serve their communities. 

The program engages haumāna from Hawaiian focused Charter Schools (Ka Waihona o Ka Na’auao) in a predominantly Native Hawaiian region (Wai’anae/Nānākuli). With the goal of developing connection to their community through social entrepreneurism, this form of leadership training grows ‘ōiwi leaders from the ground up by empowering them to see the genius in themselves and their community. 

Da Māla Movement 
Home gardens connected to entrepreneurship and digital marketplaces 

Connecting kilo loko iʻa, observing fishponds to sensor-based scientific inquiry 

“The mind of a builder” applied to traditional hale building and web development