We provide coding, computer science, and technology exploration programming at Hālau ʻĪnana, a Native Hawaiian innovation and collaboration space located in Mōʻiliʻili. Kumu are Native Hawaiian or local people, many are parents, and all have CS knowledge and are passionate about sharing this knowledge to positively affect students’ lives. Check out our current ʻĪnana programming below!

Treehouse Academy

The Treehouse Academy is an exploration program for adults to learn and engage with topics in computer science, design, and technology. Treehouse Academy hopes to create a safe, fun, and interesting environment for adults to learn to work with technology at various levels.

Tech Squidz

Tech Squidz is the Purple Maiʻa youth technology, art and computer science, after school program programming at Hālua ʻīnana. Tech Squidz programming offers a fun and creative way for students to learn and build technology applications in addition to learning about Oʻahu. Our goal is to produce Tech Squidz: conscious, intelligent, and critically thinking young people.

Other Classes

In addition to ʻĪnana programming, we run Purple Maiʻa coding and computer science classes at select schools and youth organizations around the islands. Classes are either after school or elective, and they are free to students (funded by private grants and contracts).


We mahalo nui all of the generous and supportive organizations and
individuals who make it possible for Purple Mai’a to do its work.