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Aloha e nā makua a me nā haumāna!

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 Directions to enroll in programming

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Summer Haku JS 2.0 (Code Haumāna)

June 21 – July 7

Haumāna will be working on their ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi as well as their Javascript. The focus of the course will be lei making, crafts and arts of Hawaiʻi, and building complicated topology and geography with Javascript. This class is ideal for 5th graders and up.

Learning Objectives:
To connect lei, ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi, and algorithmic thinking and programming. Haumāna will learn the basics of JavaScript, lei making and ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi.

*This class will be hybrid in-person and online.


Summer Moʻolelo Gaming Institute: Moʻo and Freshwater Focus

July 12 – July 23

Haumāna will explore the mysterious world of moʻo, the mythological shapeshifting guardians of fresh waters. We’ll use this lens to explore the difficult history of water diversion in Hawaiʻi and the importance of living wai. Haumāna will create their own original moʻo designs and work in teams to develop an immersive, location-based AR storytelling experience called Moʻo Go (inspired by Pokémon Go).

Minecraft and Environmental Justice *FULL*

June 7 – June 14. No class on June 11.

Designed for all styles of players to work collectively to understand the importance of environmental justice through various learning platforms. Haumana will have one in person huakaʻi on the island of Oʻahu. It is expected that haumana have access to a laptop or desktop computer (no chromebooks) in order to connect to the Minecraft server. Students will be participating using Minecraft Java not Bedrock. There will be daily challenges that cover an array of basics such as various keyboard controls, redstone automated farming, gadgets, and making level advancements.

This course is hybrid and open to students on all islands.

Nā Kumu

We provide coding, computer science, and technology exploration programming at Hālau ʻĪnana, a Native Hawaiian innovation and collaboration space located in Mōʻiliʻili. Kumu are Native Hawaiian or local people, many are parents, and all have CS knowledge and are passionate about sharing this knowledge to positively affect students’ lives.