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Purple Prize 2017 Finale and Weekend Academy Fall Break

Our co-founder Donavan has taught me to work hard and rest hard, and today has been a hard resting day after a long week. It was the DOE fall break, which meant that our whole staff of kumu, plus Donavan and myself, spent the week pulling together a series of learning...

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As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, all of our students at 9 locations have made tremendous progress. Whether they have learned how to build websites, games, design animations, or master javascript, we are really proud of them! We want to celebrate the work...

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Purple Prize 2017 Kick-Off! Waiwai Challenge

  In ecologically balanced societies, culturally-embedded technologies enhance and serve sustainable, living systems that provide health and well-being for ʻāina and people, now and into the future. For example the pre-contact ahupuaʻa system was an ecological...

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Helping Children Succeed

Our staff has been doing some reading and discussion lately. We've been taking our time through Paul Tough's Helping Children Succeed, which, amazingly, is available in full online. Tough highlights insights about teaching that many instinctive teachers already feel...

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Demo Day Recap

Aloha mai! For this post we asked one of our instructors, David, to write about demo day. He teaches on Maui and was on the team Kukui Hele Pō. David writes: Well the Purple Prize demo day is over and I’d say it was a huge success. I greatly enjoyed the venue, the...

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Purple Prize Demo Day

It's not an easy thing to invest in your own ideas. After all, there are so many things competing for our time and attention. We've got to get to work on time, got to support and take care of our loved ones, got to do the thing the boss assigned you, got to figure out...

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