Apply NOW for Pilot Online Course

In the last four months or so we’ve noticed a distinct increase in the number of schools and organizations that want to partner with us to bring coding education to the students who need it most! Folks on neighbor islands as well as in areas of Oʻahu we haven’t set up classes in yet have reached out to us through email, and we met plenty of folks at the Schools of the Future Conference and the Kapiʻolani Community College STEM Expo. All this demand is so great!

One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we empower knowledgeable tech people who are impassioned by our mission to earn a living giving back to their own communities by teaching at the schools that are (usually) nearest to them. It makes a difference when our teachers can feel that they are working with students who live in their regions and neighborhoods.

So while we have four amazing returning teachers on two islands, plus two student teachers who’ve stepped up to run a class together, and a handful of great interns, we do not yet have enough staff to be in all the places we want to be.

We LOVE in person instruction, and we know from surveys that students prefer it to just learning by themselves online. But we also know that in today’s world just because we are far away from each other physically doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t impact one another. We’ve always been connected, and now there are more and more ways to realize that.

For these reasons, we’re launching our first ever totally online course in January 2018.

Your students can now enroll in an ONLINE Purple Maiʻa course and learn to code no matter where they are. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can jump into learning code.

This pilot online course will run from January to May 2018. The course curriculum and materials will all take place through real-time online instruction where students and teacher are online at the same time. Recordings of classes will be available afterward, and online office hours with the instructor and with interns will be offered. (And the details are not set, but a few in-person pāʻina are in the works so that students, teachers, and parents can build relationships IRL.)


What will be covered?

In this introductory course students will be exposed to an array of topics in both design and development. Students will gain a foundation in HTML, CSS and Javascript languages in the context of web development.
Module I: Introduction to HTML
Module II: Introduction to CSS
Module III: Github and Collaboration
Module VI: Introduction to Front End Web Development
Module V: Javascript Basics

When is the class?

Class will happen online in real-time once a week. The time is tba; you can help us decide by picking your preferred time on the application form. While we HIGHLY recommend being online during the class, it is also possible for a motivated student to take the course by viewing class recordings and making use of online office hours.

Who is this class for?

We recommend this course for motivated / self-directed students in grades 9-12. Basic ability to type and use a computer (know how to name, save, and organize files) is a must. The course is also open to college students. If middle school students (7th and 8th graders) REALLY want to take the course and are VERY motivated and self-directed, let us know and they may be able to enroll.

How to Apply

Please have your child/student fill out our online application form to reserve a spot. Application responses are due by November 30, 2017Spaces are limited so don’t wait!

Read the full letter to parents, syllabus, and see the permission forms here.